How this guide is organized (with excerpts)

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How this guide is organized


There are two introductory sections:
In an Emergency: what to expect and do in getting emergency help.

About Mental Illness: questions and answers about mental illness and a companion's role. (Excerpt)


Then three sections outline the key ways you can contribute:
Helping the System Work: how you can work with the medical system to make the treatment effective.
Coping at Home and Work: ways to create a supportive environment to foster healing. (Excerpt)

Finding Other Resources: how to get connected to local health care resources. (Excerpt)


A crucial section emphasizes the need to keep yourself healthy:

Caring for Yourself: special steps to avoid burnout and remain an effective companion. (Excerpt)


A final section covers topics a companion needs to know about:
In Focus: who does what in mental health care; stigma, fear, and discrimination; hospitalization; attempted suicide; patient's rights; medications and side effects; and relapses. (Excerpt)
For More Information: websites and print sources.
An Afterword. (Excerpt)

© Katherine Farris and Larry MacDonald, 2005